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Steam Function

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Steam produces more heat and motion energy than water, and steam molecules are smaller than water molecules, so the overall wash performance is enhanced because the steam can penetrate fibers more efficiently than water alone. Another reason for steam is that on the non-sanitary cycles, steam adds sanitizing benefits without the energy consumption and steam uses a little less water.

The steam option is not available on all cycles. There are certain types of fabrics that should not be steamed in either the SteamFresh cycle or by utilizing the steam option. Wool, silk, delicates, nylons, or easily discolored or shrinkable clothing items should not be steamed. As a general rule, do not steam anything considered to be delicate.


Some benefits of SteamWash™ are:

TrueSteam™ Generator provides powerful, yet gentle steam.

Advanced cleaning performance

Brighter whites

More vibrant colors

Lifts out and removes stubborn stains without the need to pre-treat clothing.

Some benefits of SteamFresh™ are:

Freshen and deodorizes your clothes in just 20 minutes.

Removes wrinkles – eliminating the need for ironing.


To perform a steam wash:

Press ‘POWER’

Select a cycle. Note: Cycles that support steam are outlined in red above.

Press the ‘STEAM’ button.

Press the ‘START/PAUSE’ button to begin the wash cycle.

To perform a SteamFresh™ cycle:

Press ‘POWER’

Select the ‘SteamFresh™’ cycle

Press the ‘STEAM’ button to correspond to the number of items you plan to add. 3 items = 3 pieces. The SteamFresh™ cycle can be used to freshen up to 5 items.

Press the ‘START/PAUSE’ button to begin the SteamFresh™ cycle.


Does the LG steam washer take the place of the dry cleaners?

No, it does not. Items labeled as dry clean only will still need to be taken to the cleaners. Attempting to steam these items might ruin the clothing.

Why can I not see the spray of steam?

Due to humidity that collects on the glass door on the inside of the machine, you will not be able to see the steam inside the drum. Also, as the inside temperature of the drum rises you cannot see the steam. This is because the steam is approximately the same temperature as the inside of the drum.

Why are clothing items wet after the SteamFresh™ cycle?

If you choose to run SteamFresh™ with the washer instead of the dryer, you will need to hang or lay the clothing items flat for about 10-15 minutes so the dampness will have time to dry.

What items should not be steamed?

There are certain fabric types that should not be steamed in either the SteamFresh™ cycle or by utilizing the steam option. Some items what should not be steamed are:

Easily discolored or shrinkable clothing items

Note: As a general rule, do NOT steam anything considered to be delicate.

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