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OE Error – Drain Hose Issue

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  • OE
  • Troubleshooting
  • Washer & Dryers, Washing Machines




“OE” Error Code



 The washing machine drum will not drain well if the drain hose is incorrectly installed. In this case,

 water may flow back into the tub causing some bad odor inside.

 Pull out the drain hose first then press: Power Spin Start button. 
 (If it does not drain well, the drain hole may be clogged by foreign objects. So, please verify the

  condition of the drain hose.)  

※ Note : "OE“ error occurs if water does not drain completely within 10 minutes.


※ How to check drain hose


Drain hose installed too high  Drain hose twisted



Drain hose glued to the floor  ④ Drain hose clogged



⑤ Drain hose bent





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