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Vibration Noise

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Vibration Noise



  Noise will occur when load is lumped to one side of the drum on account of it being slanted or

  the washing machine not horizontally leveled.
  If the same issue persists when load is spread out, check whether washing machine is properly



How to Repair
 ① Level the washing machine by adjusting front legs height so that the air bubble indicator in the

     leveler tool floats in the middle.

 ② Supply enough water so just to soak the pulsating impeller wheel at the bottom of the tub. If

     water appears slanted to one direction, use the height adjustment legs to level.
      Height adjustment legs are located only at the front.






Lumped load 

 ① Does noise occur sporadically based on the amount and type of laundry?


     If so, this happens due to unbalanced laundry. Evenly spread laundry in the tub will optimize

     the spinning action.
     If laundry gets lumped to one side, this exerts enough weight to stop spinning, supply more

     water and wash again during spinning. Verify the laundry load is spread evenly.




 ① Is the washing machine installed on a solid and flat surface? (wood floor, etc.)

     When the surface is not firm, vibration occurring during the spinning may be amplified through

     the wobbly surface if it is not solid. Reinstall the washing machine on a firm surface.


 ② Is the surface slippery? (i.e. tiles)

     The washing machine may move during spinning on a slippery surface. Install the washing

     machine on a non-slippery surface or ensure floor surface to be clean, dry and free of dust,

     water and oils so the washer feet cannot slide easily.




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