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“Clean filter / Empty water container” Indicator

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Is ‘Clean filter / Empty water container’ displayed when

power turned “on”?




  -  LG 24 inch wide compact condensing ventless dryers operate on 110 volt. Being that the

     electrical power at that level is insufficient to properly heat up an element warm enough to

     dry clothing, the technology employed is condensation. As such there will be water accumulation.

     These dryers feature panel notification to that effect. If either “Clean Filter” or “Empty Water”

     notification light up ensure to clean the filter or empty and clean water container respectively

     before proceeding with drying up a load.



  - It is normal that “Clean Filter” indicator light flash when power gets turned “on”.

  - It is intended as a friendly reminder to clean the filter before each use for optimal performance results.

  - Press the START button and the message will disappear.





※  If the filter gets clogged or “Empty Water” message lights up after running a cycle,

     ensure to clean the filter and the condenser, empty water container and check the

     drain hose for possible leak prior to attempt drying the next load. 




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