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Expected drying time cut short

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Expected drying time cut short resulting in damp clothin




cause Cause


   - Throughout the cycle, the dryer sensor detects dampness of laundry load to control drying time in

     order to avoid scorching the clothing, even worse, ignite a fire.


   - If the size of the laundry load is very small or light, the appliance is unable to properly detect any

     moisture or gradual declining of dampness in the clothing, thus shortening the drying time to prevent

     any fire hazard.


   - Failure to properly maintain and care for the lint filter, meaning cleaning it before every load and

     reinserting it fully in its slot, as well as neglecting to clean the venting exhaust pipe all the way to the

     outside damper every so often risk causing heat to drastically rise quickly within the drum hence the

     necessity to rely on highly-sensitive sensors. Sensors are designed to immediately shut down

     operation should a temperature peak arise suddenly or clothing dampness is simply not registering.









how to fix How to fix


    - With Sensor Drying, a dryer detects dampness of laundry to control total drying time.

       Drying time displayed upon starting cycle may decrease if the load is too small.


      proper function

    - When drying a small load, remaining drying time on display may be reduced.       
      However, if the laundry has completely dried, the machine is functioning properly .


    - If an excessively small load is put in the dryer under Sensor Drying mode, the machine’s sensor

      will be unable to detect the load’s dampness and will therefore stop after 10 minutes.

      In this case, laundry will not be fully dried. Please add to the load to dry or add time in Manual

      Drying or Timed Drying to continue. 


    early stop, add more laundry

         add time







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