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Necessity of proper leveling

  • How to Install and Operate
  • Leveling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Appliance Accessories, Washing Machines






How to level at time of installation

 Place the product on a firm and flat surface. Check whether product is wobbly by pressing

 individual corners of the machine one at a time. 
 Level machine perfectly using two font legs adjustment.


Verify that the tub is empty.




 If the distance between the legs and the surface is 10mm or greater, you will need the use of

 height adjustment plates.
 (Legs out more than 10mm high will result in more vibration or noise.)


How to check the level of the washing machine

 ① Applying pressure on the product from the top diagonally.


As shown in above illustration, apply pressure to one corner of the appliance then the other

    by moving diagonally across to verify whether product is stable (leveled) or wobbly (in need

    of leveling).


If the product is wobbly, adjust the front leg on that corner and check again for proper leveling.



Is laundry lumped to one side?

  - It is not a defect of the product. Error occurs when laundry is unevenly spread out in the tub.

    Spread out the laundry evenly.

② Is the machine installed on a flat surface? (Check air bubble in level tool.)

  - Install the washing machine on a solid and flat surface and adjust the legs so that the machine

    is leveled.

    When the product is properly leveled, it will operate to maximum efficiency.


③ Were waterproof clothing or carpet washed?  

  - In case of waterproof clothing such as ski wear, sleeping bags, diaper covers, curtains and carpets,

    water cannot be drained during spinning causing unbalanced laundry. Remove these item types to

    continue washing.


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