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Improving Battery Life

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Today’s cell phones are versatile in usage and their battery life can vary greatly depending on how a user uses his/her phone. Regardless of how you use your device, there are things you can do to make the most of your phone's power.

* We all love using all the apps and services listed below on our cell phones.  The trick is just to find a balance and not to use them all at once so we get decent battery life with our phones as well.

- Using Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS, or Mobile Hotspot services on your phone adds a lot of extra drain on the phone’s battery.  These services should only be turned on while being used and disabled when not in use.

- Animated Wallpaper or similar Live Themes are CPU intensive.

- Uninstall or disable any Widgets you are not using.  Most Widgets are continuously checking or updating information from the internet, which can use lots of extra battery power.

- When playing games remember that the whole time you are playing the games your display is on and many games are CPU intensive.

- Listening to music on your phone, especially streaming music can use a lot of battery power.

- Try keeping your display brightness setting set to auto or medium so the display is not on maximum brightness all the time and set your screen time out to a reasonable time like 30secs to 2mins.

- Check your update intervals on data intensive apps.  Apps like Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social network apps generally default to checking for updates every 15mins or less.  If you don’t need it to check that often change it to once every hour or two, or better yet set it to manual so it only checks for updates when you tell it to.

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