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Touch Screen Not Responding

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Touchscreen not responding correctly


A touch screen that does not respond to any touch or responds incorrectly for the area of the screen that has been touched can be the result of software or hardware issues.

Some touch screen devices have a calibration adjustment setting that needs to be done occasionally. If your touch screen is responding, but not responding correctly for the area of the screen you have touched, you may need to redo the calibration adjustment. If your phone has this option it will usually be located in the “Settings Menu” and then “Display” or “Display Settings”.

If your touch screen is not responding at all, remove the battery from your phone for a moment to make sure it is completely powered off. Reinstall the battery, power the phone back on, and see if the touch screen is responding.

If your touch screen is still not responding or not responding correctly you may need to send your phone in for warranty repair. Please visit or contact one of your service provider stores to make proper arrangements.

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