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Pairing a Bluetooth Device

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To pair any two Bluetooth enabled devices together you need to have one device "broadcasting" or in "pairing mode", and have the other device "searching" or "scanning" for new devices.

To pair your two devices you will need to be familiar with how to enable Bluetooth on both devices and how to place both the devices in pairing or search mode. You may even need to know a PIN number for one or both devices. Because of this it is best to have the instructions that came with both devices for Bluetooth operation.

1. You will need to turn on or enable Bluetooth on each device. Some devices like Bluetooth earpieces and some Bluetooth car kits are always enabled as long as the device is turned on. Devices like cell phones usually have to have Bluetooth turned on in the Bluetooth settings menu first.

2. You will want to put one device in broadcasting or pairing mode. Usually you will put the earpiece, car kit, or other device in this mode since they usually have fewer options than the cell phone. Check the instructions for your device on how to put it in this mode.

3. You will want to select the option in your cell phone's Bluetooth settings menu to search for or scan for new devices. On some cell phones it may just say "Add New Device". After a few seconds your phone should show you a list of all Bluetooth devices it sees in the area. Select the one that corresponds to your other device and choose the option to pair or connect to the device.

4. At this point you may need a PIN code. If a message comes up on your phone asking for a PIN code, it is asking for the PIN code of the other device. Check the instructions that came with your other device and it should list the code. The PIN code is usually four digits long and is usually something simple depending on the manufacture. Common Bluetooth PIN codes are "0000", "1111", and "1234".

After the correct PIN code is entered your two devices will be paired and ready to use together.

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