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Add & Setup Accounts - Android

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Below are some steps that will help you setup and use an email account on your Android phone.

- Setup Google Email

- Setup Personal Email

- Setup Corporate Email

- Remove Account

- Send Attachment

- Delete Email

Setup Google Email

Adding a "Gmail" account to your Android phone.

- Open the Gmail application on your phone.

- If you already have a Gmail account, sign in with your Gmail address and password.

- If you do not have a Gmail account, select to Create a new account.

- Type in the user name and password that you want to use for this account.

- If your user name and password were accepted, select Finish Setup.

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Setup Personal Email

Adding a personal email account to your Android phone.

- Open the Email application on your phone.

- If you do not see your email provider listed select Other.

- Type your full email address and password; your phone should automatically* create settings for you.

- Type the name for your account and your name (this name will show for outgoing email).

* If your settings are not automatically retrieved, please contact your email service provider for proper settings and then select Manual Setup.

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Setup Corporate Email

Adding a corporate email account to your Android phone.

* Please contact your email administrator for account settings.

- Open the Email application on your phone.

- Select MS Exchange

- Type your full email address and password.

- Enter your Domain and Server Address. Both are only provided by your email administrator and are not obtainable by LG.

- Type a name for your account.

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Remove Account

Deleting an account from your Android phone.

- Select Settings from your applications list.

- Tap on Accounts and Sync.

- Select the account you would like to remove then Tap on Remove.

* If the account you are trying to remove is the original account you setup on your device, you will need to perform a factory reset to remove the account fully.

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Send Attachment

Adding an attachment to an email.

- Create a new email.

- After entering your message, Tap the Menu Button located below your display.

- Select Attach to view a list of compatible files to be attached.

- Repeat these steps to attach multiple files.

* Your wireless carrier may limit the amount or size of files you can send in one email.

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Delete Email

Deleting email messages from your Android phone.

- While in your message list Touch and Hold on the message you would like to delete.

- Select Delete.

* Messages may take between 5 to 15 minutes to delete off of the server depending on your wireless connection.

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