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Import Outlook Calendar to Android

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Importing Outlook Calendar to Android


MS Outlook cannot directly sync to your Android device. You can move your information to Google's Cloud service which will automatically update your device and keep a constant backup online in the event you lose or damage your device.

1. From within MS Outlook, open your calendar.

- Right Click on your calendar from the left side panel and select Save As.

2. In the text entry box name your file; for example "MyCalendarBackup" then click More Options.

3. For date range select Whole Calendar, for detail select Full Details then click OK.

4. Click Save. Your file will be saved as an ".ICAL" file in your My Documents folder.

5. After logging into your Google Gmail account from a web browser select Calendar.

6. On the left panel, click the arrow to the right of My Calendars.

- Select Settings from the drop down list.

7. Select Import Calendar then select Choose File and navigate to your saved ".ICAL" file.

- Click Open.

8. Click Import.

- Once complete your calendar will download to your device.

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