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GSM SIM Cards and 4G SIM Cards

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GSM SIM Cards and 4G SIM Cards


If your phone is used on a GSM network like Rogers or Bell Mobility it will have a GSM SIM card inside that is utilized to identify your phone on your carrier’s network. If your phone is a 4G compatible phone regardless of the network it is on it will have a 4G SIM card inside to identify your phone on the 4G network.

- If you ever need to send your phone in for warranty or repair service please keep both the GSM and 4G SIM cards with you.

- The repair facility does not need these cards to repair your phone and if they come in with the phone the manufacturer requires them to destroy these cards.

- The manufacturer has no way of replacing the cards and does not manufacture these cards.

- The only place to obtain replacement GSM or 4G SIMM cards is from your carrier.

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