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Basic Calling Features on Android

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Basic Calling Features on Android


- Placing and Ending Calls

- Answering or Rejecting Calls

- Calling Your Contacts

Placing and Ending Calls

You place calls using the Phone application. Calls can be manually dialed using the Dial tab. You can also dial from your phone’s memory using the Call log tab, the Contacts tab, or the Groups tab.

To open the Phone application

- From the Home Screen, touch the Phone Key in the Quick Keys bar.

To place a call by dialing

- Open the Phone application.

- Touch the keys on the dial pad to manually enter a phone number.

- If you enter a wrong number, touch the Delete Key to erase digits one by one.

- To erase the entire number, touch and hold the Delete Key.

- To dial an international number, touch and hold the Key to enter the plus ( + ) symbol. Then, enter the international prefix for the country; followed by the full phone number.

- Touch the Call Key to dial the number that you entered.

- You can use other phone features while the call is underway. If you open another application, the Call icon appears in the Status Bar for the duration of the call.

- Press the Volume Keys to adjust the call volume.

- Use the on-screen buttons to enter additional numbers, place the call on hold and take an incoming call, add another call, use the speakerphone, end the call, and other options.

* NOTE If you opened other applications while on a call, you'll need to return to the Call screen and touch End call to end the call. You can touch the Home Key, then the Phone Key (in the Quick Keys bar) or touch the Contact's name or number at the top left corner of the Home screen. You can also drag the Notifications panel down and touch the Current call icon.

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Answering or Rejecting Calls

When you receive a phone call, the Incoming call screen opens with the caller ID and any additional information about the caller that you have saved in the Contacts list. All incoming calls are recorded in the Call log.

To answer a call

- If the screen is unlocked, simply touch the Answer Key.

- If the screen is locked, slide the screen up to answer (enter the pattern, PIN, or password if necessary).

- If you were already on a call, touch the Answer Key to place the first call on hold while you answer the new call.

* NOTE To silence the incoming call ringer, press the Volume Keys.

To decline a call and divert it to voicemail

- If the screen is unlocked, touch the Ignore Key.

- If the screen is locked, drag the Ignore icon to the left.

- The caller is sent directly to your voicemail box to leave a message.

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Calling Your Contacts

Instead of manually dialing phone numbers using the dial pad, you can use your Contacts list to dial quickly and easily. You can also quickly call a contact using Quick Contact. If you have contacts on the web, you can choose whether to synchronize with your phone when you first set up your Google Account.

To call a contact

- Touch the Contacts Key in the Quick Keys bar.

- Touch the contact you want to call.

- Touch the contact’s phone number you want to call.

To call a favorite contact

- Touch the Contacts Key in the Quick Keys bar, then touch the Groups tab at the top of the screen.

- Touch Favorites and then touch the contact you want to call.

- Touch the contact’s phone number you want to call.

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