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Display Basics


Manage Home screen settings, Lock screen settings, Font display, Smart On and other features in the Display tab. To access display settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps > Settings > Display tab

Home & Lock
Other Screen Settings
Advanced Settings

Home & Lock
  1. Tap Home screen to Customize and manage your Home screen settings. Click here for additional tips on this feature.

  2. Tap Lock screen > Select screen lock to select the desired option to secure your phone. Click here for additional tips on this feature.

  3. Tap Home touch buttons to select the home touch button combination, color and if you want to use a transparent background. Click here for additional tips on this feature.

  1. Tap Font type to select the desired font type to display on your device.

Note: Tap the Plus icon to download additional font types from LG SmartWorld™

If you already have LG SmartWorld installed on your device, you will receive a notification to update the app the first time you open LG SmartWorld. Tap Yes to update now, and follow the prompts to register an account.
If you do not have LG SmartWorld installed on your device, click here from your device and follow the prompts to download and install the app.

For more information on how to install and use LG SmartWorld, click here on your computer, and tap Guide on the left-hand side of the page.

  1. Tap Font size to select the desired font size to display on your device.

Other Screen Settings
  1. Adjust the screen Brightness by using the slider . Checkmark Auto to set the brightness to automatically change.

Note: Screen brightness may adjust above the baseline % when determined that lighting conditions will greatly affect ability to view the screen (e.g. direct sunlight). Alternatively, your screen brightness may adjust below the baseline if device detecs an abnormally warm condition.

  1. Tap Notification LED then the switch  to enable. Checkmark  the notifications to display on the front LED.

  2. Checkmark Auto-rotate screen to set the phone to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.

  3. Tap Screen timeout to set the time delay before the screen automatically turns off.

  4. Checkmark Smart screen to keep screen on when the phone detects your face looking at the screen

Advanced Settings
  1. Tap Screen-off effect to set the screen off effect used when the screen turns off.

  2. Tap Daydream then tap the switch  to turn it on. Select the screensaver to enable when the phone is sleeping while docked and/or charging. Choose from Clock and Google Photos. Tap the Gear icon  for additional settings if available. Tap Startup settings to select When to Daydream. To start Daydream immediately, tap Start now.

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