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G4 – Back cover maintenance tips

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Leather back cover care & maintenance



Precautions Precautions


             1. This back cover is made of cattle hide and may have different creases and patterns due to

                 the properties of natural leather. 
                 If the product gets wet with any type of liquid (water, soda, seawater, rain, sweat, sunscreen,

                 cosmetics, moisture, etc.), it risks losing its color, change color or deform in shape.


             2. When the cover gets wet or soiled, rid it of the liquid by pressing it gently with a dry towel, or

                  wipe it with leather cream and leave it to dry in the shade.

                  When the product is exposed to a wet environment for a long time, it may cause creases or


                  The shape of the leather may not be restored to its original state after cleaning because of

                  the properties of leather and any contamination or deformity may get worse when a regular

                  detergent or an organic solvent is used.


             3. When the leather gets wet with rain or sweat, take caution and avoid contact with clothes. It

                 can cause any dye to become a stain.


             4. Due to the nature of leather, friction for a long period of time or excessive force may damage

                 the surface of the leather.


                  Back covers for LG g4 may differ depending on your region or service provider

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