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Camera manual focus

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Manually adjusting camera focus on G4



Function Function


              MF (Manual Focus) : Used to manually adjust camera lens focus. 

                  1. Tap MF button then use the wheel to adjust desired focus .
                  2. When MF button is selected in manual mode, the first value shown is the current value .
                  3. To return to Auto mode, tap AUTO button above the wheel .

                     Note: AE-L button has no influence on WB/MF.


                  4. In MF mode, you have no access to Touch focus feature.   To return to Auto focus and
                      Touch focus function, tap Auto button above the wheel .
                  5. As you adjust focus moving toward the bottom of the wheel, focus sets towards the
                      object on screen (micro).
                       As you adjust focus moving wheel towards the top, focus sets away from the object
                      on screen (macro) .

                      Note: MF gets applied regardless of WB, EV, ISO, and SS values in Manual mode.


                     Control MF

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