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G4 – External USB peripheral not recognized

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G4 wont recognize USB OTG external HDD when connected to phone


Symptom Symptom

             Any external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) peripherals or USB connection powered fan requiring high

             power consumption will be identified as such and refused recognition as device they are by G4

             phone when connected to the smartphone via USB OTG (on-the-go).

                     Note: If momentary power consumption by peripheral device when connected via

                               OTG is 600mA or greater the connection automatically gets lost.

How to fix How to fix

            Standard USB rating is 500mA. Please note that in most cases peripheral devices are still being

            supported if their power consumption is greater.


            1. Previous LG models and competitors’ as well did not offer such restriction and thus allowed
                phones to work with such devices.

                However, it was quickly detected an area of concerns especially when battery consumption was

                found to increase rapidly and dramatically (more than four times the normal drainage) and device

                often suddenly  powering off due to a drained battery.

            2. In that case, device operation became unstable and product performance was also severely
                affected. Now new LG models do not support USB peripheral connection requiring high power
                consumption in order to secure stability of product use .

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