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Camera picture saving setting options (RAW format)

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Camera picture taking file format options



Function Function


        ▶ RAW: Select this option to save the image in both RAW and JPEG formats at the same

                            time. RAW formatted pictures offer more editing freedom when being manipulated

                            without affecting picture resolution and clarity.


                      1. In Manual Mode, press the 4th button on the left column from the top to change from

                          JPEG Only  to JPEG+RAW mode.


                              - JPEG + RAW saves images in both formats at once. Raw file are saved as **.DNG

                              - JPEG Only saves images only in JPEG format.



 § DNG file size is big and risks taking more storage space .
 § DNG files are stored in memory but not viewed in Gallery. Check for saved files with the
          file manager .
          For images that are taken in JPEG + RAW mode, a DNG mark will appear on the JPEG
          version in the gallery [Figure 2].
 § If you delete a JPEG file in Gallery, the relevant DNG file will also be removed.
Image saving
Image saving
                                                   Figure 2

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