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G4 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Network SSID different than expected

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Network SSID of portable Wi-Fi hotspot came out random



cause Cause


             When you perform the initial set up of a Wi-Fi hotspot on your G4 Smartphone the network

             SSID is the last 4 digits of your phone number.


             1. SSID is shown as 'Model _last 4 digits (of your phone number)' during the initial booting.

             2. If a SIM card was neither available nor inserted at the time, the SSID number will be chosen
                 randomly .

how to setup How to setup


             If you managed to obtain a different SSID than expected that is because you executed initial

             boot without inserting your SIM card and proceeded to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot.


             This is normal behavior and you are able to change SSID Hotspot network name through the



               Settings > Tethering & networks > Wi-Fi hotspot

         SSID setup



          Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

         SSID setup


           Change SSID name to whatever desired then tap Save.


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