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One-sided earphone audio only

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Earphone playing audio to one-side only



symptom Symptom


              I can hear audio only from one side of my earphone.



cause Cause


              If you hear from only one side with the earphone that came with the cell phone, either the phone

              jack is not fully inserted, phone jack wire is broken or the phone’s audio Sound Balance may be

              the root cause.


how to fix How to fix


              Ensure the earphone jack is fully inserted in its respective slot. If you happen to get scratchy sound

              coming and going from the side audio is missing whenever slightly touching the earphone jack that

              usually indicates wire inside has snapped offering little to no connectivity. New earphones will then

              be required if situation persists.


              If everything is fine with the earphone jack then proceed to sound balance verification.

              Go to Settings > Accessibility and check Sound Balance. Make sure the slider is in the center. 
              If not, move it left or right to balance the audio.


              sound balance      sound balance


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