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Clip Tray feature option

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Clip Tray feature overview



image Clip Tray overview


            While entering text, you can copy images or texts and keep them in the Clip Tray. You can

            also paste them whenever and wherever you want from the Clip Tray.



image How to use

            1. Tap and hold the text to activate Clip Tray or press and hold settings on the keyboard to see
                saved texts or images.

            2. Clip Tray can save up to ten texts and images and lock up to five of them on the LG G4. It
                can save up to twenty texts and images and lock up to ten of them on the LG G3.


            3. Use the trash icon to remove saved texts or images.

                (Locked items can be deleted after unlocking them.)

            4. Clip Tray may not work in certain 3rd party apps user has downloaded.


                image    image




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