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[G4] – LG phone backup data app

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LG phone backup data application overview



image LG Backup app overview 


            LG Backup app allows users to transfer data from a previous device to their new G4 smartphone

            or backup data from the G4. It is designed for Android OS and can download from Google Play

            Store for those devices not featuring it as a pre-installed app.

            With LG Backup app, you can send data directly wirelessly from a phone to another or back up

            data to an SD card to move to a new device.



image Sending / receiving data between a phone and LG G4

            1. Run the LG Backup app on your previous phone.

            2. Send data to your new device > Copy data > Start


            3. Run LG backup on your G4 or go to Settings General Backup & reset LG backup service


            4. Select Copy data to new device Receive data Start


            5. Select items to copy from your old device Click Next Complete


            6. Save the data when you received all data on your LG G4 to complete.


                image    image


                image    image



image Backing up data from a phone

            1. Run LG Backup app or go to Settings > General > Backup & Initialize > LG Backup
            2. Go to Backup & Restore > Back up data > Back up to SD card, internal storage or LG Cloud.
                (e.g. SD card)  LG Cloud may not be available depending on your device.

            3. Select the items to back up and tap Start. 

            4. Data from your Google account will be not backed up.


            5. The back up file will be saved in *.lbf format in LGBackup folder in the SD card or internal



            6. When you initialize your phone, back up files in the internal storage can be deleted. We

                recommend you to copy backup files in LGBackup folder to your PC to prevent any data loss.


                image    image




image Restoring data on G4 smartphone

            1. Insert the SD card containing backup data into your G4. 


            2. Run LG Backup app or go to Settings > General > Backup & Initialize > LG Backup


            3. Go to Backup and Restore > Restore from backup > Choose a backup file in the SD card > 

                Read details and select items. Tap next. Read caution and you are done. Restart your phone.


                image    image


            If you experience difficulties making backups from your phone, please contact the LG Customer

            Service Call Interaction Centre at 1-888-542-2623.


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