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[Nexus 5X] Play Auto Install method (PAI/ 3-rd party app install)

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Play Auto Install method (PAI/ 3-rd party app install)


 How to setup

     1. Service provider and Google enable customized App download from Google Play Store.
         (Direct development by Google and service provider, LG is not involved) 
         → It is classified by build fingerprint, country, and MCCMNC, and during SIM insertion, 
              App customized for each service provider is installed.

     2. Currently) Service providers connected to Google (By 
        - Bell(Canada): Bell TV, MyBell
        - Orange(France): Mon Reseau, Visual Voice Mail 
        - Orange(Spain): Mi Orange


   <  Launcher starts with custom layout. → 
        Pending Auto-Installs are shown as promise icons. → 
        Completed Auto-Installs are identical to regular apps. >

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