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Storing data on external SD Card

  • Usage & Settings
  • Internal/External Memory (Memory Card)
  • Operation
  • Cell Phones, LG Friends, Tablets



For those wishing to make use of an external memory card on their smartphone to store data (multimedia files such as pictures, music & video) following are such instructions to proceed in storing data. Depending on Android phone's OS version terminology may vary slightly.


1. Home > Settings > General > Storage & USB (figure 1)

                    Figure 1


Assuming SD card has already been mounted, tap “Internal storage” (figure 2). If not, the internal storage page will appear automatically (figure 3)


                    Figure 2                                                             Figure 3 

Select between Images, Videos or Audio which type of data you wish to move over to the external data card (figure 3). Tap desired selection.

Media category large thumbnails will appear (figure 4). Press & hold desired selection. Menu bar at the top will alter. Tap Menu icon than tap “Copy to…” (figure 5).


                    Figure 4                                                             Figure 5 

“Save to” page listing storage options will appear (figure 6). Tap on SD Card. Should the SD Card option not be listed (figure 7) tap the Menu icon in the upper right corner. Tap “Show SD Card” (figure 8) and return back to tap desired storage location as SD card.


                    Figure 6                                                             Figure 7                                                             Figure 8  

For some phones the SD Card will get automatically mounted to the phone while other need to get SD card mounted manually prior to being utilized (figure 9).

                    Figure 9 

Remember to eject the external SD card prior to physically removing it from the phone (figure 10).

                    Figure 10 

You may be required to format the external memory card prior to begin storing data on it. Just follow the instructions on the phone screen.


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