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Adding exercise types to LG Health app

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Customers wishing to make better use of the LG Health exercise monitoring app, other than the conventional listed exercises when app accessed for the first time, have a long list of other physical activities to choose from.



Access the LG Health app from the LG folder located on the Home page.

Notice, other than menu button on the top right corner, there’s not much offered in means of customizing the app. To add other, more specific, types of exercise, tap the menu button.



Tap on Settings.

Tap on Mode.



Change from Beginner mode to Advanced by tapping respective circle on the right.

Now, notice the change in the form of “+” sign. Tap on it.




Tap on “Exercise type”. Here you can select from a very long list of available exercising activities.




Put in start time and duration of the exercise. Save.


As of the start of 2019, users can manually log particular exercise type from the following list of options available from the App on the phone:



If the specific Exercise type does not appear in the list of options, try to choose something most likely to be similar - i.e. Cross-Country Skiing should be substituted with Skiing (vigorous).

As for editing any of the manual entries these changes must be amended the same day the exercise occurred and was logged into the App. Procedures consist of bringing up daily activity log, deleting it then re-entering the correct information. Be wary however, that all present day data will get deleted. There is no other around this at the time this was written.











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