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FLAC audio stream unsupported viewing OGM/OGV video files

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  Flac audio stream will not play whenever streaming OGM/OGV file

  • When you play OGM/OGV content including unsupported audio, such as FLAC, below toast-popup message will get displayed on screen to notify user to the effect audio portion unsupported.
  • LG simply does not support FLAC audio playback associated to any OGM/OGV formatted file.

 OGM video files

    Files identified as *.ogm file extension normally store Ogg media files. The Ogg media file format is a free and open container file format that was created by the Xiph.Org Foundation offering unrestricted software patents. The file format was initially designed to offer ability to efficiently stream high quality videos over the Web.


    The OGM file format is a compressed video container. Files can contain streams of audio and video data as well as text and metadata. OGM files use the Ogg Vorbis compression technology containing audio/video streams that can be played on most computing device.

 OGV video files

    Files identified as *.ogv file extension are most commonly associated with the Ogg Vorbis video encoding technology. Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format that is free and unpatented. Ogg is the name of the container format for the audio, video and metadata files. Vorbis is the name of the audio compression technology.


The OGV file format is a video container format. OGV files can contain video streams that are associated with one or more video codecs, such as Theora and DivX. These files allow the recorded content within container file to be played on a variety of different media players.

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