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Dual Remote Call App icons after Nougat OS upgrade

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Should you happen to notice duplication of the "Remote Call Service" App icon on screen, especially after upgrading V10 or G4 device from Android Marshmallow (6.0) OS version to Nougat (7.0), please refer to following article for explanation and troubleshooting tips.



LG changed the software structure of the "Remote Call Service" application to address some security issue with that App on previous version.

  How to fix

After upgrading from Marshmallow OS to Nougat OS either on V10 or G4 device, two "Remote Call Service" App icons will display on screen.

In this case, be sure to use the icon with a 5.xxxx app version (red background icon).


User should not use App identified by icon with a 4.xxxx app version (white-based icon).


※ When running Remote Call Service App with version, user will see an error pop-up while the app will fail to launch the service.

※ How to check the version of the app : Settings -> General -> Apps -> Remote Call Service

Guide: You can remove the old application to prevent confusion.  To remove, long press and drag to trash icon to remove the app.

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