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This is a great way to provide yourself answers to any question or query about your phone, its operation, functionality or settings just by consulting the Quick Help App directly on the phone.


What better way to find out more about certain Apps or functions on your smartphone you might not be all that familiar with than right there on your phone? The Quick Help application does just that, opening up to the user guide, going over "what’s new?", offering tips, listing trends and FAQ. Introduced on the G5 smartphone, expect it to become an integral part of most phones moving forward.


Whatever it is you seek to find out about the phone, simply tap on the Quick Help icon. Some Apps, such as the camera, will feature a question mark icon that upon tapping will lead directly into the camera section of the user guide. Simply tap the camera settings icon to reveal the INFO icon.


From the user guide page simply tap the category of choice.


Then, from chosen category, select the specific desired topic as shown in below example.


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