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Downloaded documents file location

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Quick guide to assist customers locating downloaded files such as PDF documents on their smartphone and, move them to a different folder, if so desired.



Further to have downloaded documents such as PDF files from the Internet or from an e-mail attachment, customers may wonder where the file could have wound up inside the smartphone.



Step-by-step procedures for locating downloaded files on one’s smartphone:



1. Tap the Tools Icon from the Home page                    2. Tap the File Manager icon




3. Locate the Download folder by scrolling                    4. All downloaded documents will be here.

    down then TAP it.                                                          You may need to give it a few minutes for document just downloaded.


 Moving files to a different folder

Step-by-step procedures for moving downloaded files on one’s desired file folder on the smartphone:



1. Tap 3-dot menu in the top right corner.                      2. From drop-down menu, select MOVE option.




3. Either SELECT ALL or one in particular.                   4. Once selected, Tap MOVE at the bottom




5. Select Destination File Folder.                                   6. Once selected, Tap OK at the bottom.


For example, should customer have chosen to move downloaded documents over to the DOCUMENTS folder, it will be easier to retrieve moving forward.


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