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Monitor won't power

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No Power

Due to enhanced energy saving techniques, most LG monitors are powered off by default and have no LEDs lit. But some do go directly into stand-by mode when plugged in and have an LED to indicate that power is turned on, but the monitor is in stand-by mode. All monitors will have an LED lit when they are turned on (unless that option was turned off in the menus). Previous monitors went directly into stand-by mode when plugged in and would have an LED to indicate stand-by mode.


Try This

Unplug the signal cable from the monitor. Does it give an error stating there is no connection?

-If not, press the power button. Note that some models will have a power button that is a sensor embedded in the plastic and not an actual button that presses in.
- Connect the monitor to another known working outlet and try to turn it on (do not need a video cable connected).
-If no error is shown on the screen and you are sure the monitor is on, it may require service.
-If it does give a no 'cable connection' error after unplugging the video cable, then there was no signal being sent to the monitor. Refer to the no video troubleshooting.







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