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"Check Connection" error message

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Error Messages: Check Cable, Check Signal, Check Connection, No Connection

Likely Cause

No cable is connected or the cable is defective.

The monitor is turned on displaying the error message:  Check Connection.  The check connection message should not display as long as a cable is connected properly.


Try This

- Ensure the PC is on and the video card in use is active.

- Make sure the cable is firmly seated into the monitor and firmly seated in the PC

- Check for bent pins (VGA Cable).

- Try a different video cable.

- Make sure power is off on the product.  Connect signal cable and power cord in that order.  When connecting the signal cable and make sure to tighten cable securely by turning the screws clockwise.  Signal cable has screws on both sides; the screws should be inserted and properly connected to the rear panel.







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