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True Color Pro – Failure to start

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Installation of True Color Pro software on any MAC running macOS 10.13, also known as High Sierra, will result in the following message popping up on screen: “Failed to start True Color Pro.”

Apple security policy has been changed with the release of this new operating system version. Now, with the rolling out of macOS 10.13 version, end-users running that operating system version will need to manually allow system software drivers from sources other than Apple to be installed and functional.


Check and confirm Mac OS version to be High Sierra (version 10.13).

Check that you’ve installed very latest True Color Pro for Mac version from website.

Connection between True Color Pro supported monitor and Mac computer must be a USB cable.

Follow below illustrated steps on the Mac computer. Configuration will just be needed on a one-time only basis.

STEP 1. Select "System Preference" icon at the bottom of the screen running macOS High Sierra.

STEP 2. Select "Security & Privacy"  icon then click "General" tab.

STEP 3. Click "Allow" button for respective blocked system software from developer "Daniel Svoboda" from loading.


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