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Monitor screen turns dark after updating PC to Windows 10 RS3

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After updating the computer to Windows 10 RS 3 (RedStone3), the LG monitor screen suddenly goes very dark.


After updating computer to Windows 10 RS 3 (RedStone3), the monitor screen suddenly goes dark.


You will need to uninstall the LG monitor driver from the computer. Once uninstalled restart the computer. Windows 10 Operating System will automatically detect LG monitor Plug & Play and properly reinstall the driver.


Right-click the mouse anywhere in the main screen then select “Monitor Resolution”. The moment “Monitor Resolution” dialog box opens up, follow these steps:

  1. Select [Adapter properties]
  2. Select [Monitor] tab
  3. Select [Properties]
  4. Select [Driver]
  5. Select [Device Removal]
  6. Select [Delete driver software from this device]
  7. Select [Removal]

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