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Magic motion remote controller unresponsive

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How long has Magic Motion remote controller running on the same

set of batteries?




Symptom Symptom


             1. Magic Remote does not work. Unresponsive.




Cause Cause


             1. Magic Motion remote controller may show inaccurate cursor movement or malfunction when

                 battery power gets low. 

             2. Magic Motion remote controller consumes batteries faster than a normal conventional remote

                 controller due to its continuous communication with TV.


             3. When battery power gets low, it may cause the remote to function abnormally.




How to fix How to fix


             1. If and when a screen pop-up message alerts you: “Magic remote batteries are low. Change

                 the batteries” by displaying it on TV, please replace the batteries in the next little while.

             2. When that pop-up message appears, it indicates that around 40% of battery capacity

                 remains. Make sure to replace the batteries within a month or sooner pending extent

                 of use.


                                 Recharge-battery message appears on TV screen

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