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No Signal/No Image - TV

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No Signal/No Image - TV - No Signal

If the unit has a black screen or displays “No Signal”, it is usually due to the device being on the wrong input.

  1. Is the unit securely plugged-in to an electrical outlet?
    (Please double-check, cords may come loose sometimes) Yes No
  2. Plug the unit securely into an electrical outlet.

  3. Does the LED on the front of the unit light up? Yes No
    • Try to plug the unit into a different electrical outlet (one that is confirmed working using a different device, such as a lamp).
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.
  4. When you press the Smart  button or the Settings  button on your remote, does anything appear on the screen? Yes No
    • Try to press the Power button again, then the Smart or Settings buttons.
    • Check the batteries in the remote and try again.
    • Try to press the Power button on the TV itself.
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.
    • Check that the input your TV currently has displayed matches the input of the same label on the back/side of the TV, and that the cable leading to that input is attached to the device you're trying use.
    • Make sure the cables are securely connected (sometimes they come loose, especially with kids or pets in the house).
    • Make sure the other device is powered on and configured to output its' signal through the connection type you're using (some set-top boxes do not display through HDMI by default).
    • If connecting a PC, make sure the resolution and refresh rate are set properly.
    • If other inputs, devices, or TV channels are working on your TV, contact the manufacturer of the device you're trying to use.
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.

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