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Mode selection on multi-type air conditioning systems

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Using cooling or heating mode on multi-type air conditioner system



cause Cause


             ■ If neither cooling nor heating cannot be turned on through the use of a wired or wireless

                remote controller or a beep alarm sounds five times, it is due to different modes selected

                between indoor and outdoor units.

It can happen when a user tries to select a mode different than the one that is currently

                operating on another indoor unit on the same network.


how to fix How to fix


             ■ Check whether an indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit is running .     

                 Make sure both units are set to the same mode.


             ■ If you cannot be sure of the mode of an indoor unit, turn off all indoor units
                and select a mode for the unit you wish to use .
            wired remote controllerwireless remote controller








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