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Forgotten Screen lock code?

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How can I reset my phone (unlocking the screen) when I have forgotten my password and my Gmail account?



symptom Cause


            Customer has forgotten password for his/her phone after setting up Screen-Lock

            (Settings > Display > Lock screen > Select screen lock).



how to setup How to setup


          ■ When you have forgotten your lock code password, tap button on the lower right corner

            to receive a Backup PIN or an access to Gmail account unlock option.


             how to get backup pin 


          ■ If you have forgotten both Screen Lock code and your Google account, you can access the

             Google account from the Google Account Recovery service.


             how to get back up pin




In the event that your Google e-mail account was never set-up on the phone, you will not be able to unlock the phone on your own. You will need to send the phone to the LG Authorized Service Centre along with proof of ownership (copy of bill of sales or service provider contract showing your name, physical address and mobile phone number).


Forward the phone and requested documentation to:



570 Alden Rd, unit 13, Markham, ON L3R 8N5



It is highly recommended that you send the package via insured mail or certified post so long as you can obtain proof of delivery should the situation arise.







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