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Wi-Fi still consuming power even switched “off”

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Wi-Fi consumes power even when switched “off” especially after a

Factory Reset



symptom Symptom


          ■ Steps for reproducing incident 

              1) Factory reset the phone
              2) Finish the startup widget with default values
              3) Go to Settings > Battery > Tap on battery icon to see “Battery Use” details

              ※ Notice that “Wi-Fi” application is appearing powered "on" even if Wi-Fi is already turned "off".


cause Cause


        Location” and “Allow Wi-Fi Scanning” options default to "ON" after Factory Reset.

              This allows the Wi-Fi applications to scan for available channels even though Wi-Fi is switched



           wi-fi swith off


how to fix How to fix


          ■ Switch off the “Location” and/or “Allow Wi-Fi Scanning” option


          ■ Steps to Switch off “Allow Wi-Fi Scanning” option:

              - Settings > Wi-Fi > Options > Advanced Wi-Fi


             wi-fi switch off


              ※Note: Option can be found under various terminology in different models

                  e.g.: “Allow Wi-Fi Scanning”, “Scanning always available”

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