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Synchronizing Phone to TV via Miracast™

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Synchronizing phone to TV via Miracast™



check point Check Point


           ■ Video and audio from a smartphone can be synchronized over to a television screen through

              Miracast™, Miracast™ dongle, or Chromecast dongle.



function Function


        Miracast™, which transmits a display signal wirelessly, is a new official certification standard.

           Full HD contents can be reliably displayed on larger screens from mobile devices via wireless 

           transmission outside the home network with low latency and high security. 

         1. Outline:
              - Popularization of wireless display technology followed by increase in smart mobile devices.
Necessity of direct wireless connection between TV and mobile devices such as smart

                phones, smart pads, and PCs due to increase in number of screen users.


         2. Definition of Miracast™:
             - Wireless display technology released by a global standard Information & Technology

               organization: Wi-Fi Alliance.
             - Wi-Fi Direct based technology that communicates between devices without going through

               an AP (access point) router for Wi-Fi.


how to setup How to setup


         1. Turn Miracast™ on your TV. If you don’t have it, connect Miracast™ dongle or Chromecast

             dongle to your TV.
         2. Turn Miracast™ on your phone, and select TV, Miracast™ dongle, or Chromecast dongle from

             the list of connectable devices.
Menu > Settings > Networks > Share & Connect > Miracast “ON” or Miracast “ON” from

             quick setting.


         how to setup miracast


          ※ You can purchase Miracast™ dongle from the online LG app store. Please check compatibility

                with your device before purchasing.

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