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G4 – Device under high temperature notification

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Pop-up message due to device reaching high temperature



Function Function


             1. Previous models: If you adjusted brightness when the device heated up reaching a particular
                                                temperature, a message would pop up on display screen alerting end-user
                                                to the effect stipulating: “Cannot brighten due to high temperature of phone.
                                                Try again later” and desired brightness adjustments would not take place .
             2. G4 phone :      Pop up message does not appear as the brightness slider bar can be controlled. 
                                       However, there is a maximum temperature a phone can be subjected at which
                                       point  brightness settings will be attenuated even though you attempt to force
                                       brighter settings. This is a precautionary measure to prevent physical damages
                                       to the device or bodily harm to end-user .
             set indicator
                               Home → Indicator                                     Setting → Display → Brightness

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