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G4 – LG Bridge file backup process

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File backup from mobile phone over to PC via LG Bridge



how to use Backing up Files from phone to PC



            icon Select the files you wish to back up. Click the “more” (arrow up/arrow down)

                  icon at the far right of each item to view more file type details.

            icon Files not shown on the list or not activated are not supported by the device

                  or do not have saved data.

            icon Click Start to initiate the back up.



how to use Checking Files after Back up



            icon Back up is completed.




            icon You can check or change where back up files are being stored

                  from Settings at the upper right corner of the screen.



how to use Restoring from Back up Files



            icon Select back up files on a PC that you wish to restore.

            icon You can also select back up files saved at other locations with the Browse button.

            icon Click Next to continue.



how to use  Restoring Selected Files



            icon List of back up files will be shown.

            image  Select files that you want to restore. Click on the More icon to view more details.
            icon  Files not shown on the list or not activated are not supported by the device
                  or do not have saved data.

            icon Click Start.



how to use Restoring completed, mobile device will reboot


            icon The process is completed.

            icon The mobile phone will reboot and connect to the PC automatically.


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