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Android Stagefright Security Flaw

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Mobile phone system vulnerability




             An Android core component known as Stagefright is likely the worst vulnerability to hit that mobile

             phone ecosystem. All a hacker needs is your phone number in order to send a malicious MMS

             message that will compromise your device. Even worse, the attacker can erase the message so

             you won’t know you’ve been hit.



 Temporary Fix


      1.    To protect yourself, turn off the MMS auto-retrieval.

      2.    Tap Messaging App.

      3.    Tap Option icon at top right corner > Settings > MMS > Auto retrieve.

      4.    Uncheck Auto-retrieve box.





             Necessary patch was developed and Google was swift at implementing it to its internal Android

             code base.


             These patches can take months to reach end-user devices through over-the-air updates.

             Manufacturers need to first pull Google’s code into their own repositories, build new firmware

             versions for each of their devices, test them and then work with mobile carriers to distribute the

             updates. Devices older than 18 months generally stop receiving updates entirely, leaving them

             indefinitely vulnerable to newly discovered issues.





             For extra security, until patch has been updated to phone, being that any multimedia file type

             processing may conceal malware even through the web browser we recommend you temporarily

             stay clear from potentially questionable websites for the time being.

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