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Texting insight (SMS/MMS)

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Messaging settings & options



Texting via messaging services allow you to send and receive messages. Messages are archived

on the smartphone in specific individual threads that will let you return and view these conversations

with any particular individual.



image How to use

            1. LG message app may not work properly if you did not set it as a default.  Set LG message
                app  as the default app for normal operation.

            2. Your message will be sent as a multimedia message (MMS) instead of a short message

                service (SMS) in the following cases:


                - Typed more than 160 alpha-numerical characters
                - Typed between 70 to 160 characters or more in symbols (it may differ by symbol)
                - Attached files
                - Typed title
                - Added slides
                - Typed more than 20 numbers for a recipients
                - Sent to an email address

            *Note : SMS transmissions may differ by carrier.


            3. Make sure to check messages from unknown senders, banks or organizations. They may

                install malicious codes in your phone, remote control by a hacker or leak your personal

                information. When your phone is used for these purposes, it risks malfunctioning or you may

                be charged extra fees. Take caution when executing the following:


                - Use unsecured Wi-Fi network

                - Root a phone to change basic settings
                - Download an app from an unknown source

                - Make an untrusted connection to a website
                - Install or use illegal vaccines
                - Always Bluetooth turned "on"
                - Click URL in messages or an app



image How to send a message

            1. On the Home screen, tap Apps > Messages.


            2. To create a message, tap +.


            3. Enter a recipient.

                - Tap Menu at the top right corner to schedule or cancel a message (menu shown may differ

                   according to information entered).

                - You can send a message to more than one person at once. Fees will be charged based

                   on the number of recipients. When you have set a shortcut, press and hold the number

                   to enter. If the shortcut is more than one digit, tap the first number shortly then hold

                   the second number. 

                - While entering a number for the recipient, contacts that include that number will appear

                   below. You can also enter a name to see a number saved under that name. 


                - Tap entered number to remove, edit or add to contacts.


            4. Write your text message in the text box.

                - Tap Menu at the top right corner to insert emoticons, schedule a message, add a title
                  or cancel the message  (menu can differ according to information entered)
                - Use the Clip icon to add images, videos, slides or audio files, take a photo, record a video,
                  send contacts or schedule or draw.


            5. Tap Send to send the text.



image Messages 

            When your phone lacks free memory space due to apps, it will notify you at the top of the

            screen and you won’t be able to receive any new messages. Please free up space by

            removing apps or messages to keep receiving incoming texts.



image Conversation 

            1. You will be able to see message threads .

                - Use Menu at the top right corner to delete, forward, add emoticons, change themes,

                   schedule a text, manage spam messages or add a title. 


            2. Tap and hold the text box to delete, forward, copy, or save in Calendar, copy to inbox or

                a USIM card, lock/unlock a message, report as spam or see detailed information (may

                differ by type of the message).



image Settings


             Tap Menu > Settings from the list of messages to configure settings for notifications,

             emergency alerts, multimedia messages and general.

             (If Hangout is default for messages, basic app settings will be shown).


            - Specify words to block spams: Enter up to 200 words to block spams that include those
            - Specify numbers to block spams: Enter up to 200 numbers to block spams from those

              Messages > Menu > Settings > Menu > Initialize settings






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