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Voice Recorder App – File storage

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G4 Voice Recorder app overview


Vocal recordings done on the G4 smartphone are easily manageable. Whether oral memorandum or recordings specifically intended as message sharing, each dictation can be edited, renamed, deleted or transferred over to the computer via USB connection or wireless via the LG  AirDrive.

 Voice Recordings

1. Tap Voice Recorder icon on the phone to start application.


2. App consists of three buttons at the bottom: menu – record – stop. The file name appears underneath illustrated microphone as “Voice_YYMMDD_x”.


3. From the top bar, two icons are featured at the right: recording type – storage. You can choose between conventional dictation or SMS attachment recording. As for storage, recordings can either be saved internally or on an external SD card.


4. The menu button brings you over to the list of saved recordings.


5. Pressing and holding a particular listed item will open up that item’s option menu.


6. Details provide pertinent information about the recording of which the file location.


7. Recording can be trimmed (edited).


8. Recording file can be renamed.


9. Recording file location when searching on a PC whereas phone connected via USB.




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