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Face Recognition – Unresponsive

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Face Recognition is a new screen unlock feature that enables the user to unlock their phone from a turned-off screen status. Set-up, improvements to ensure optimal success rate at unlocking phone and restrictions are covered in other brief articles.

Once Face Recognition has been set-up on user’s phone, the faceprints are stored in complete privacy on the phone and can also be deleted by the user.

Should issue arise whereas Face Recognition is unresponsive, this may be resulting from the installation of a 3rd party App Widget on the phone.

3rd party Music Widget apps, Lock screen widgets, etc. (i.e. Melon/Bugs music, ZUI Locker, Go Locker, Cash Pop…) featuring unlocking function when installed and set on the phone’s lock screen will hinder the Face Recognition unlocking method rendering faceprints totally unresponsive.


Regrettably, these Widget Apps cannot operate concurrently with the phone’s Facial Recognition screen unlock feature. So, either one will need to be disabled.

The only solution in order to keep using the Face Recognition screen unlock on your phone is to disable or uninstall that 3rd party Widget App.

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