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Power saving mode

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Disabling power-saving function on Music Flow speakers


Home entertainment and home office equipment account for a substantial and increasing portion of

household energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. These peripherals include devices

that have fundamentally shaped our way of life and are present one way or another in every home.


Corporate Social Responsible manufacturers endeavour to keep a few steps ahead of legislative

bodies by innovating in getting products to consume less energy and not waste any. One such feature

being “Automatic Shut-Off” relinquishes device to stand-by mode.


Stand-by is the power used by equipment when not performing primary task. For example a TV turned

off still uses power, albeit minimal, while waiting for the next remote controller signal.





Customers voicing or expressing concerns with respect to Music Flow speakers automatically entering

dormant state by self-activating sleep mode and wishing to disable said power-saving function are left

with no viable option. 




             Music Flow speakers have been designed to turn off automatically in order to avoid wasting

             energy and to save on power consumption.


             There is no measure that can be taken to prevent speaker from automatically shutting off after

             long period of inactivity on account of corporate social responsibility.


             Wi-Fi, OPTICAL, HDMI, Bluetooth connection

             Automatically turns off when there is no input signal or music playback from a connected

             device for 20 minutes.


             Portable connection

             Automatically turns off when there is no input signal or music playback from a connected device

             for 6 hours.


             Power-saving function can not be switched to turn on and off because it is function designed not

             to be turned off.


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