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Streaming from Windows Media Player Library

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Streaming from Windows 7 Media Player’s music library




              Steps to follow in order to stream music from a laptop’s Window Media Player’s music library

              to an LG Music Flow speaker.



              Ensure the PC running Windows Media Player and the speaker are connected to the same AP

              router sharing the same LAN Home Network else streaming will fail. Computer’s Windows OS

              (Operating System) needs to be version 7.



 How to

              LG Music Flow speakers can pick up a playlist feed from a computer’s music library using

              media streaming on Windows Media Player.


              Once the speaker and the computer’s Network access have been confirmed to be sharing the

              exact same access point router proceed to below following instructions:

                      1. Run Windows Media Player on your PC.

                      2. Click on [Stream], select [More streaming options...] and click or press ENTER key.

                          Media streaming option window appears.

                      3. Click the [Turn on the media streaming] button.

                      4. Select the speaker in the device list then choose [Allow] and click or press the ENTER key.



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