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Why does Smart Audio (Music Flow) group setting gets canceled?

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Group Setting Automatic Cancellation



  - Smart audio (Music flow) group setting gets automatically canceled.



  - Group setting may get automatically canceled when the alarm rings, the power is turned on/off

    or the wireless network connection suddenly gets weak.


How to fix

 1. When the alarm sounds:

   - Alarm settings are separate for each speaker, therefore the group setting gets automatically

     canceled once the alarm rings for user convenience.


 2. When power gets turned off/on:

   - If power is turned off when a group has been set, speaker gets disconnected and group setting

     gets canceled as well.

     Turn power back on and re-activate group settings. 


 3. When wireless network goes weak:

   - Group settings risks getting cancelled due to interference when wireless network connection goes

     weak for whatever reason.

     Place speakers in closer range of the AP router.

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