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“Napster” streaming service

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Streaming music from Napster – Service currently unavailable





Napster is an online music store and a Rhapsody company, branded under the purchased name and

trademarks of former free file sharing service Napster. The company's name and logo originated from

bankruptcy liquidation of the Napster peer-to-peer file trading service, which was shut down after a

series of legal actions taken by the Recording Industry. The brand name was later purchased by Roxio,

to capitalize on the popularity of the former service. Napster was later acquired by Best Buy and then

the service merged with Rhapsody in 2011.


Official website:


Subscription fee:

Regular package:     $ 4.99 per month

Premier service:       $ 9.99 per month

(service not yet available in CANADA)


Streaming Quality:

Regular:   MP3  (up to 320 kbps)






Unfortunately, Napster Streaming Service, also known as Rhapsody is currently unavailable on

Canadian soil on its own. Making use of Napster streaming service on LG Music Flow speaker

assortment at this time will not be possible.




Users will require waiting until the day Rhapsody/Napster decides to introduce their streaming

services to Canada. There are legal and territory distribution issues between copyright holders

and any service provider that need be agreed upon prior to offer said service.



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