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LG HomeChat

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Using LG HomeChat






               Proceeding with utilization of LG HomeChat device messaging application.



                  Install LINE application from Google Play Store

                  Go to

                  Add LG HomeChat as a friend using QR code          

                  Check HomeChat device for its registration



                  "LINE" is a proprietary application for instant communications on electronic devices such as

                  smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and

                  audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences. Line, designed and

                  launched in Japan in 2011, reached 600 million users by February 2015.





           After HomeChat device registration completed you can use HomeChat.


           Each of the family members can register and use one speaker in HomeChat, and one person

           can register several speakers.

                       For more details, refer to

                       When you perform factory initialization of the speaker, HomeChat device deregistration

                         procedure will be carried out for all users who registered the corresponding device at the

                         time when the speaker was connected to the network after initial setup of the speaker to

                         the home network.



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